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AP Bros promotes customized investment solutions. We do not advise general investment solutions to mass but believe each investor demands special care and attention and each investment decision is a special one. We consider the needs and requirements of an investor, analyze the investment situation, consider the alternatives, and bring out solutions or model portfolios which are easy for the investor to understand, compare and assimilate. We will advise the investor to build and manage the portfolio based on his selection and approval. And thereafter gradually enable the investor to manage & follow up himself. We will be in regular touch with the investor to maintain the health of his portfolio and to advise necessary interim strategies like exit, enter, hold influx, average, churn, shuffle etc.

Products & Services of AP Bros
1 Capital, Commodity, Realty Market solutions.
2 FundTech - A Market Explorer with blend of fundamental and technical analysis.
3 Market Vision - A regular news letter on market.
4 Advise and provide facilities for NSE, BSE Trading, DP services, Online trading through SRE (I) Ltd.
5 Advise to select best performing Mutual Fund.
6 Support to build and manage own Investment Portfolio.
7 Develop intelligent and dynamic Systematic Investment Plan (based on market time, not based on fixed calendar date).
8 Website membership - virtually an access to solid information and research to Indian Market.
9 Career & Education products.
AP Bros Basic Lessons of investments

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