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We have career solutions for candidates seeking opportunities in finance, investments and brokerages. Our target groups include:
General Consultancy & HR Solutions for business. Our core areas of strength include finance & marketing solutions, management services, recruitment assistance, orientation, training, education, counseling, reward and development programs for employees and conducting entrepreneurial training programs to professionalize your business.
2)Employees of financial sector
We will assist you to find better placements, provide you study materials and regular updates on your areas of specialization, and network you with recruiters and resource persons from various companies and institutions in the sector, who are among our clientele.
3)MBA students
We will help you to find suitable projects or job placements, provide you with study materials and regular updates on your areas of job interest, train you for interviews, and network you with recruiters.
4) Students of Commerce, Economics and Business Administration
We will equip you to take up a career in your core areas of interest. We will assess your interest, support through out, and ensure your fortune.
We have regular education programs, continuing education programs and special modules in our education offerings. AP Bros will be issuing certification on successful completion of the programs
Regular education program
Students of regular courses like business administration, commerce, economics, finance or employees in the financial sector can sharpen their knowledge and skills by subscribing to this program. Program will span through out their regular course or one year, which candidate can choose. Program will be supplementing their knowledge and skills and equip them for a challenging and rewarding career in finance and investment.
Continuing education
It is a collection of our weekly news letters and monthly news letters and interim research. This section is meant for our share holders and subscribed members.
Special Modules
We have a collection of special modules comprising all the area of finance and investments education.
Major modules
Portfolio Management, General Banking, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Derivatives & Hedging, Investment Banking, General and life Insurance, Commodity trading, Capital market trading, Market Analysis, International Finance, Investment strategies, Valuation Indian corporate giants, Capital Market Indices, Indian Midcaps & Smallcaps, Zero risk Indian companies, Fundamental Analysis of listed Indian companies.
Our list of modules is vast and ever expanding. Kindly contact us to get the details of our entire set of modules.
In additions to all these, we arrange frequent training sessions, workshops and online training programs.
Consult online or mail us at mail@apbros.com to get detailed information on Careers & Education at AP Bros.

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